Together, AmCham EU and JA are putting youth entrepreneurship in the spotlight by showcasing young people who have chosen to become entrepreneurs and sending a positive message to the media and policymakers.

Each year, thousands of JA alumni enter Europe’s economy as potential entrepreneurs. Since 2013 the AmCham EU Youth Entrepreneurship Award in cooperation with JA Europe leverages JA’s network to identify young people who have participated in a JA programme, made it past the initial start-up phase and have a business concept with strong growth potential.

Start-ups with at least one of the co-founders being a JA alumni can apply for the award. Nominees are selected by a jury from JA Europe and AmCham EU, with the winner being invited to the AmCham EU event hosted in Brussels. The event's guest-list usually includes MEPs, policy stakeholders, and AmCham members. The winning start-up is being awarded a cash prize of 10,000€ and gains access to expert mentors selected from across the membership of AmCham EU. In order to make the most of the moment, the selected young entrepreneurs are also given the opportunity to share their business and future plans with the audience.

The goal is to help propel the business into a growth enterprise, which then creates new job opportunities and adds even more value to the economy.

The 5th Youth Entrepreneurship Award, in collaboration with Amcham EU, jury deliberation will take place on Tuesday 8 June 2017

More info: 5th Youth Entrepreneurship Award





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